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Why Texas Term Life Insurance Is King

Term life insurance is the least expensive way to insure your family’s financial future.  The rate of return is really impressive.  Take for example you have a 40-year-old male, in preferred non-smoking health.  His annual premium amount would be approximately $355 for $500,000 of life insurance for a 20-year coverage period.  Even if he does not pass away, he will have the peace of mind of knowing that his family’s financial future is taken care of for $7,100 over the 20-year term of the policy.  If the policy holder does pass away, his family’s future will be secured for less than 1.5% of the total benefit paid.  There is no other investment vehicle that can generate that return on an investment.

Also, since Texas term life insurance is a simplified life insurance product, it has become easy to purchase coverage via the Internet.  Gone are the days of being cold called at all times of the day or night.  No longer does the consumer have to endure the life insurance agent who comes to the house and spends an hour hard selling you a life insurance policy and then asks if he can contact three or four friends in order to go through the same process.  Now consumers can research options when it is convenient and then contact a licensed agent for direct assistance with coverage specifics and an application.  The Internet provides a wealth of consumer driven information and puts the insurance buyer in control of the buying process.  The consumer never has to deal with an agent in the living room again.  The consumer can research different policies and carriers, generate quotes on various coverage options, and review agents or agencies.  The application process has also benefited from the advent of the Internet with applications submitted online which greatly reduces the time required for underwriting.

The Internet has also made it easier for Texas life insurance agents to provide service to clients and be more accessible than ever before.  Agents using the Internet can now be contacted by clients almost 24/7.  The agent’s website is also a tremendous source of information regarding coverage options, premium cost and life insurance terminology.  The information is available at the complete discretion of the consumer, whenever research is needed and to whatever extent is required.  The greatest strength of shopping for term insurance using the Internet is that it allows comparison of multiple policies all at one time.  Prior to the application of technology, an agent might represent two or three companies.  By using the power of the Internet, the agent can now present over twenty carriers.  The obvious benefit to the life insurance consumer is that coverage can be selected at the most competitive premium based on the applicant’s coverage needs, health history and budget. 

Texas term life insurance is in high demand because of price, benefit and ease of comparison.  Today’s consumer is looking for the most coverage for the least premium dollar.  The Internet provides a wealth of information in order to facilitate the decision on which term policy to purchase.

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