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Life Insurance Partners, LLC
7066 Lakeview Haven Dr.  #108
Houston, TX  77095-2560

Contact by Telephone Toll Free: (866) 444-3332
Contact by Fax Toll Free: (800) 349-2730

When you contact us we can provide assistance for the following:

Coverage Review – We have provided one of the most comprehensive quoting engines to provide Texas consumers with the broadest range of life insurance options.  Instead of making you contact us before researching your options, we put the information right in front of you so you can start the process.  Once you have made yourself familiar with the coverage options, our agents are available to discuss in more detail the best course of action and which carrier will approve your application at the lowest premium.

Application Management – Life Insurance Partners manages a great number of applications at any given time so we have become very good at making the process efficient.  It all starts with the submission of the Texas life insurance application.  We are available to guide you through the process of completing the application and help you understand exactly what the carrier is requesting.  A “clean” application goes a long way in shortening the decision timeline.

Once a client submits an application our work is just beginning.  In fact, the majority of situations require multiple applications in order to review the best offer of coverage.  With multiple applications in play, we communicate directly with the carriers everyday to monitor application status and reduce the decision schedule.  Life Insurance Partners learned many years ago that if we maintain communications between the applicant and the carrier, problems that would typically delay a coverage decision can be addressed and the approval time can be significantly compressed.

After Issue Customer Service – Once the policy is issued our staff follows-up within a few days to make sure the enrollment documents have been received and to answer any questions that may arise once the coverage offer has been made.  Life Insurance Partners believes that if we catch any issue at this early stage potential large problems can be averted.  Staff will also contact all policy owners after 60 days to once again confirm that all coverage details have been established correctly.  This follow-up is made to verify that bank drafts are being conducted correctly, address information is accurate and all policy documentation has been received.  Annual contact is made to update any changes in address, beneficiaries or evaluate coverage options.

Contact Options – Life Insurance Partners maintains our website as a source of pertinent related to life insurance and as an initial point of contact for our agents.  We can be contact by email at and the email account is monitored between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. CST.  You can also reach our office toll free at (800) 349-2730 with calls forwarded to staff cell phones after hours.  A toll free fax number is available at (800) 349-2730.  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

We certainly want to hear from you on how we can be accessible to meet your needs and improve our communications.


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