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Can I get a lower rate from another broker?

  • All brokers quote the same premiums
  • Carriers must quote the same premium regardless of the broker
  • Final premiums are set by the carrier based on the application

No.  If you are comparing our coverage options with another broker’s proposal which is using the same age, gender, location, health status and plan, the premiums will be exactly the same.  Carriers must quote each agent the same premium for their clients – they cannot discount a premium for one broker and charge another broker a higher premium.  All plans are quoted the same.  What affects the final premium is the carrier not the broker.  The carrier assigns the final premium based on the submitted application, which includes information not available when the policy was quoted.  This same process is followed by each broker involved in the life insurance industry, and the final premium will be same regardless of the broker. 

How does MyTexasLifeInsurance get paid?

  • Carriers pay MyTexasLifeInsurance a commission
  • The client is charged no fees
  • Client receives the same level of advice and service regardless of the size of the policy

MyTexasLifeInsurance is paid a commission from the life insurance carrier but only when coverage is issued and active.  MyTexasLifeInsurance does not charge the consumer for any of the services provided.  Consumers will typically save premium by using MyTexasLifeInsurance, so not only does the service not cost anything, but also MyTexasLifeInsurance can many times reduce monthly premiums.  The consumer receives the benefit of MyTexasLifeInsurance’s advice, and the carrier pays for the cost of the service.  Regardless of the policy premium or benefit, the consumer will always receive the same level of service.  MyTexasLifeInsurance is committed to providing top level in service in order to provide insurance solutions as your life insurance needs change and to earn your recommendation to others needing life insurance coverage.

If all premiums are the same, why use an independent broker?

  • Represents more than one carrier
  • Additional carriers provide for more plans to present and evaluate
  • More carriers allow for options when dealing with hard to write applications

MyTexasLifeInsurance is an independent life insurance broker representing over twenty life insurance carriers.  When a proposal is requested, consumers are able to analyze many more coverage options than if they go directly to the life insurance carrier.  When consumers do not use an independent broker, only the options that carrier wants them to evaluate are presented.  MyTexasLifeInsurance can present both a wide range of carriers and also a large number of coverage options.  An independent broker can also use the large number of carriers to research the best options when the applicant has a health issue or a risky occupation/hobby.



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