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Life Insurance Partners, LLC
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We are independent Texas life insurance agents with licenses in most states, dedicated to serving as many people as possible across America.  We have been in the insurance industry for over 8 years, itís time you hop on board with us.  Our primary function is to set individuals up with a Texas term life insurance carrier.  By going through us first rather than direct to a carrier, you will find the best rates and plans available, the strongest carriers, and a life insurance fit thatís perfect for you.  A term life carrier will only show you their rates, while the agents will obviously have a biased opinion.  Our independent agents are impartial to carriers and only hold a loyalty to you.  Our services will help you cut through the clutter and steer you in the right direction.   We are a trustworthy company, dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability.  Our online quoting system is FAST, FREE, and ACCURATE and will always provide you with the best rates on the market.  Welcome to your one-stop site for all your Texas life insurance needs! Weíre here for you every step of the way.


Our number one priority is always to provide our customers with the satisfaction of knowing that their loved ones will be financially taken care of in the future.  With years of experience, our agents understand the importance and care that goes into preparing for the untimely death of a spouse or parent.  Start by searching our website for the tons of valuable information we have provided, read the FAQ, and then play around with our FREE online quoting system.  Once your application is submitted, our services do not end.  In the future, if your life insurance needs change or you want to price-compare your existing policy, we havenít gone anywhere! We are here for you every step of the way.


We are 100% confident that you will have a better experience searching for term life insurance when you use our services over any other services available on the web.  Our philosophy is that each person has the right to be fully informed of their Texas term life insurance options and deserves the professional opinion of an unbiased agent.  Our best rate guarantee is no joke; we actually operate under this promise everyday and have the reputation to back it up.  After browsing our extensive website and you still are still unsure that we are the leading online agency, feel free to check out other term life insurance websites.  You will quickly realize that only we show all four major agency ratings, quote dozens of carriers and 100ís of plans, and truly want to educate you on the world of term life insurance.  Using a third party (like us!) is the absolute best way to purchase top Texas life insurance plans, and it comes at no added cost to you.  Win-Win.  Let us do the work for you; itís a simple as that. 


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