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Getting the best deal on Texas life insurance

Texans can accomplish more with term life insurance than with any other life insurance product.  Term life insurance is known to provide the most coverage available for the least premium dollar.  Since term insurance provides such a large cash benefit, the coverage is ideal in providing protection when a family buys a home, when the family size increases with a newborn, when a family needs to deal with the financial circumstances caused by the unexpected loss of a principal income producer, or when a family is required to purchase life insurance to comply with borrowing requirements.  Term life insurance is a very straightforward product that returns a stated benefit amount to the beneficiary of the policy when the insured dies.  Term life insurance can be purchased in length of terms ranging from 10, 20 or 30 years with 20-year-term policies being the most common.  Since the policy owner is only paying for the coverage needed and not creating a cash value, the premium is more competitive than other forms of life insurance, such as universal or whole life.  When Texans need to provide the most protection for the least amount of premium they purchase term life insurance.

Is the Internet the best way to shop for life insurance?

Today the Texas consumer is looking for the most in-depth and comprehensive information source for term life insurance options.  The best source is the Internet. 

Years ago consumers would have to rely on a local agent to meet and recommend a few selected carriers.  The coverage decision was made based on a limited number of options.  The agent would then ask the consumer for the names of five friends so he could contact them and tell them the consumer gave him their name as a possible sales lead for a life insurance policy.  The limited number of carriers was presented because the agent only represented a few companies, and the lack of technology made it a hassle to present more than a couple of options.  The consumer purchased the insurance from the carriers that the agent requested, not from the carriers who provided the best value proposition for the consumer. 

All of that changed with the Internet.  Now the consumer can shop and identify suitable carriers and multiple plans for each carrier.  Consumers can change the length of term from 10 years to 20 years and immediately see the affect on premium.  Instead of a couple of carriers and plans, the consumer can review scores of plans for each classification and length of term.  No longer is the Texas consumer a passive participant in the life insurance selection process.  The consumer can now be fully engaged in the research and selection process, which results in coverage that is tailored to the needs of the insured.

The Internet also fostered competition among insurance carriers and resulted in lowering the premium paid by the consumer.  As previously mentioned, before the Internet a life insurance agent, typically employed by the carrier or representing a limited number of carriers, would present the consumer only a few options from which to choose.  This closed system thereby limited competition, which was reflected by higher life insurance premiums.

The Internet now provides side-by-side comparisons of life insurance products, which promotes competition among the life insurance carriers.  The open system not only fosters competition, it also increases sales volume and results in lower premium costs to the consumer. 

Is the independent agent even needed?

Now that the Internet provides a wealth of information, is there a need for an insurance agent?  The licensed insurance agent is needed now more than ever.  Consumers now want to conduct initial research and study plan options, but they still rely on the agent to help with providing a more detailed analysis, with guiding the selection process of carriers depending on their individual circumstances and with facilitating the transaction.  Licensed insurance agents can translate the complicated terminology and specifics of life insurance coverage into a simplified solution that the Texas consumer can understand, and more importantly, can have peace of mind with the final decision.

Why use

Is there really that much difference between MyTexasLifeInsurance and other agents?  Yes there is.  First of all, life insurance is our principal focus.  Our business has been developed to provide the most efficient means possible to secure the life insurance coverage needed.  We represent over 20 carriers, so we can provide the most price competitive coverage given a particular circumstance.  Whether there are health issues, lifestyle factors, tobacco use or occupational hazards, MyTexasLifeInsurance can identify the carrier that can provide the best coverage for the most competitive premium.  MyTexasLifeInsurance also provides an exceptional level of customer service.  From the initial quote all the way through the underwriting and approval process, communications regarding the current status of your application is our priority.  MyTexasLifeInsurance representatives are in contact with the carriers each day to identify actions that can be taken to decrease the approval time for applications.  MyTexasLifeInsurance has learned that the decision process for applications can be greatly reduced if information between applicant and the insurance carrier can be proactively shared.  When the status of an application is updated, MyTexasLifeInsurance communicates by email so the applicant is always aware of the current status of the application.  MyTexasLifeInsurance always follows up with our clients 60 days after the policy is issued to make sure all material has been received and the policy has been issued to 100% satisfaction.  MyTexasLifeInsurance will also maintain contact with all of our clients on an annual basis in case coverage needs to be updated.  MyTexasLifeInsurance wants to provide the best possible insurance experience for Texas consumers.

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